Who Are We?

Pastor Bob Tibbits   -  

We’re people who are interested in being your friends. We know the empty feeling of loneliness, the pain of being ignored, the delight of being understood and the power of love and acceptance.

We’re people who are excited about living. We have discovered that fulfillness grows out of knowing the One who created life and planned it for us.

We’re people who have found happiness. We have learned the way to feel good about ourselves and other people, is to put God’s love at the center of our lives.

We’re people who enjoy worship. Inspiring music and life-changing messages lift our emotions, challenge our intellect and motivate us to reach for bigger dreams then we could ever attempt on our own.

We’re people who are positive about the future. We’ve learned to see it from the perspective of trust in a living, loving God, who gives life meaning and purpose.

We’re people who have found practical answers for daily problems. The ageless wisdom of God’s Word, the Bible, has made the difference in our lives.

We’re people who celebrate faith as a gift from God. Trust in Him energizes for abundant living and guides us in reaching our full potential.

We’re people who encourage each other’s growth. We have a caring, sharing fellowship that makes our personal lives, homes, neighborhoods, work, and communities feel more complete.

We’re your friends at the Saginaw Wesleyan Church.

Summer is almost over. Come worship with us in the days ahead. We will be looking forward to worshiping with you.